The Best Email Marketing Automation Training Courses to Take in 2022

Best Email Marketing Automation Training

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best email marketing automation training and online courses to consider if you’re looking to grow your team’s skills.

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Email marketing is one of the oldest and most reliably valuable tools out there. Even as social media continues to take ownership, email outreach remains a fundamental piece of the marketing world, especially regarding the added capabilities of email marketing automation. With automated email campaigns, companies can create personalized messages for prospects and customers alike that carry them through the sales pipeline without requiring hours of manual work.

If you want your company to get the most value from its email marketing automation capabilities, you’re going to want to equip your team with the education they need to feel at home with the software. With that in mind, our editors have compiled a list of the best email marketing automation training and online courses for anyone looking to expand or fine-tune their email marketing automation. Click on the GO TO TRAINING link to learn more about each course and register.

Note: The courses are listed alphabetically by the online learning platform.

The Best Email Marketing Automation Training Courses

Course Title: How to use Automation to Send Emails with Mailchimp

OUR TAKE: If you’re new to the Mailchimp platform, this project-based course can help you hit the ground running. You will learn about Mailchimp’s automation tools and how to create a sign-up page that automatically sends new subscribers an email.

Provider: Coursera

Description: This project-based course can be completed in a single sitting and will cover the basics of creating automated emails with Mailchimp. The course uses a split-screen format where the instructor provides a step-by-step walkthrough through setting up a Mailchimp account, designing emails, creating a sign-up form, adding subscribers to lists, automating emails, testing the automated emails, and more.


Course Title: Email Marketing: Drip Campaigns

OUR TAKE: Designed for beginner and intermediate students alike, Sam Dey’s course will show you how to successfully run an automated email campaign and meet customer needs.

Provider: LinkedIn Learning

Description: A properly executed email marketing campaign can help your company build trust with its entire customer database. Sam Dey is a consultant, entrepreneur, and instructor specializing in digital marketing strategies and training. His course is geared toward learners of beginner and intermediate email marketing experience. It covers lead nurturing, drafting effective emails, sales funnel optimization, email marketing reporting, retargeting, and other strategies.


Course Title: Email Marketing: Strategy and Optimization

OUR TAKE: This intermediate-level course summarizes how to optimize your email marketing strategy so it can meet (and exceed) your company’s marketing plan.

Provider: LinkedIn Learning

Description: Email marketing is one of the most lasting and practical tools for engaging with customers, which means it’s vital that a company knows how to utilize it successfully. Instructor Virginia O’Connor, an experienced marketing consultant, will help marketers learn to optimize every aspect of their email marketing plan, from tone to subject line to timing and beyond. Marketers who sign up for the compact, hour-long course will also get a glimpse into how different email formats, like newsletters, can be targeted to generate maximum revenue.


Course Title: Lead Generation Sales Funnel + Email Marketing Automation Masterclass

OUR TAKE: Instructor Sivakumar Kannan’s course is broken into 17 short lessons and will help entrepreneurs, marketers, and startups understand the basics of sales funnels and how to implement them.

Provider: Skillshare

Description: This course is designed to help entrepreneurs, digital marketers, startup owners, and freelance marketers understand, implement, and software like email automation systems and lead generation sales funnels. Across the 17 included lessons, instructor Sivakumar Kannan will teach users to create landing pages, email opt-in forms, thank you pages, email marketing lists, auto-responder emails, sales pages, and more.


Course Title: Marketing Automation & Email Marketing for Beginners

OUR TAKE: This hour-long course is taught by “serial entrepreneur” Mauricio Rubio and is designed to introduce learners to the foundational principles of marketing automation and email marketing

Provider: Skillshare

Description: If you’re an entrepreneur, employee, teacher, blogger, or anyone who wants to become familiar with the basics of email marketing and automation, this course is here to help. In addition to marketing and email automation fundamentals, the course also outlines how learners can utilize those tools to drive revenue and maintain their marketing success.


Course Title: ActiveCampaign Email Automation Masterclass

OUR TAKE: Professional educator and writer Sarah Cordiner has developed this course to help students learn the skills they’ll need to get the most value out of ActiveCampaign’s email marketing automation capabilities.

Provider: Udemy

Description: ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation platform (CXA) designed to automate and customize a company’s marketing efforts. Taught by Sarah Cordiner, a professional educator and best-selling writer, this 3-hour course will introduce you to set up an ActiveCampaign account and get started with the platform. Specific topics covered include editing and formating emails, creating targeted campaigns, developing email automation sequences, building pipelines, launching deal stages, and more.


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Course Title: Digital Marketing Automation: Save Time and Get More Done

OUR TAKE: Give your marketing skills a boost with this bestselling marketing course, which gives students a detailed introduction to marketing automation and its applications across social media, content creation, and email marketing.

Provider: Udemy

Description: This bestselling three-hour course is geared toward beginner marketers looking to get a quick but thorough introduction to the opportunities offered by marketing automation technologies. The course will equip learners with the tools and skills to create automated newsletters, develop content creation strategies, automatically share content across social media platforms, use automated email sequences, sell products, automate the email inbox, and boost productivity.


Course Title: Email Marketing Automation Masterclass Beginner to Advanced

OUR TAKE: Designed for beginners and experienced marketers alike, students taking this course can expect to learn the basics of setting up an email platform, building email lists, analyzing performance, and more.

Provider: Udemy

Description: This course contains a total of 9 hours of on-demand lessons covering everything from the very basics of email marketing automation to more advanced techniques. Students will learn how to interpret email metrics, build email lists, develop successful email campaigns, take advantage of email automation, use advanced integrations, optimize and test their email strategies, outline the anatomies of high-performing emails, and much more.


Course Title: Email Marketing: Sales Automation for E-commerce

OUR TAKE: Learners who sign up for this 2-hour course can expect to learn how automation can improve their sales efforts and the secrets to creating emotionally engaging content that speaks to their audience’s needs.

Provider: Udemy

Description: This course is geared toward e-commerce business owners that want to learn how to automate their sales efforts and develop relevant content that speaks to their audience’s needs. Other topics covered include the psychological triggers your emails should be aware of, a framework for creating email marketing campaigns, and the best automation tools you should know about.


Course Title: 5 Email Marketing Automations Every Business Needs

OUR TAKE: With ten years of experience in the email marketing world, instructor Daniel Miller will educate learners with the essential tools and know-how to become comfortable using email marketing automation in their business.

Provider: Udemy

Description: This 2-hour course is geared toward business leaders looking to become familiar with email marketing automation. Marketers who enroll can expect to learn how to use lead nurturing automation to create lasting customer relationships, automate business processes, and identify the most critical automation tools for any industry.


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