The Negative Effects of Cat Declawing

Are you planning to remove your cats’ claws due to the damages on your furniture pieces? If so, read the article first to know the impact of removing their nails and to find other alternatives other than the procedure.

They are already part of your family and as pet owner, it is your responsibility to look after their health. Even though some of their behaviors are destructive to your appliances and other furniture pieces at home, you have to find other options to prevent them from doing so.

Before you make drastic decision, do some research or ask your veterinarian on the advantages and disadvantages of declawing. Remember that cats and humans are two different creatures. If cutting your nails do not hurt you, it is considered a major injury for them because they have to undergo a major surgery to remove their nails and their wounds take time to heal and to recuperate.

It is comparable to amputation because you are removing the last joint on their toes. Remember that they are active animals that love to walk, jump and scratch around. How can they normally perform all these things when they experienced pain in their feet?

Numerous countries banned the act due to its inhumane nature, a move that could left physical and psychological problems that could last a lifetime. Animal protection organizations believed that removing their nails would only benefit their owners and to their detriment.

Disadvantages of removing their nails:

* They are at risk of developing infection and complications.

* They develop litter box problems because their paws hurt when they defecate on their litter box, thus, they started pooping and peeing anywhere in the house, resulting to unpleasant and foul smell of urine and waste all over your home.

* Without their claws, they cannot defend themselves from predators and other enemies because they cannot climb trees and run away from them.

* They start biting and becoming unsociable creatures. Due to the fact that they do not have their nails to scratch, they begin to bite things to release frustration and anger.


Other options to consider than removal of their nails include:

* You can purchase nail caps and glue it to their paws to prevent damage to furniture items due to scratching.

* You can trim excess nails to keep them short.

* You can buy scratching post for them. There are several scratching posts sold in stores.

* You can apply scented sprays on furniture items so they would not scratch them.

* You can buy them toys to prevent them from scratching furniture pieces at home.

It is natural for you to seek solutions to scratches on your furniture pieces, but you also need to consider their health and well being. If you love your pet, then the method is not suitable for them because you are subjecting them to an inhumane and cruel procedure. Moreover, there are numerous products sold in stores and pet shops which prevent scratches on furniture fixtures and hinder you from cutting their nails.

Source by Ella Hall

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