Tired of Your Male Cat Marking in the House – Can This Behavior Be Stopped?

The answer is yes it can but first you must understand why male cats mark. Usually it is an outside habit to let wandering cats know who’s territory it is. If a male cat is un-neutered and he feels like his territory is being threatened he will move the behavior to the house. If you have a neutered male he is probably marking because he feels stressed out or crowded if you have a multi-cat home.

Once you learn why the behavior is taking place the next step is to stop this behavior. The key to stopping the behavior is identifying specifically what is stressing your cat and addressing it.  After that you must learn how to communicate with your cat so he understands exactly what you expect from him.  Believe it or not he really does want to please you he just needs to be able to communicate effectively.  

I know it sounds like a lot of work but trust me it is easier than you think!  Within a weeks time you not only will be seeing results but you will also be enjoying a much more happy and relaxed feline which of course rubs off on you!  The relationship with your cat is to important to just throw away over bad behavior. I have four male cats in the house and after replacing all of the carpet and getting rid of the sofa I had to do something, I tried everything I could think of to stop the marking and found only one way that was effective.

Source by Trish W

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