Turning Your Outside Cat Into a Litter Training Cat

An outside cat can be turned into a litter training cat! You just have to be extremely patient in carrying your furry friend through this difficult transition. If you have a cat that likes to spend their days taking in the outside air, yet you long for some of that special indoor companionship, this short guide is for you.

Obviously, if you bring your furry friend from the front yard to the living room, you’re going to have to turn them into a litter training cat. This isn’t going to be as easy as it might sound. There are two crucial preliminary steps that absolutely have to be taken.

1. Make the change slowly. Bring your kitty companion in for the evening only once a week at the outset. As time goes by, step it up to two or three nights a week. When you’re feeling more comfortable with the way things are going, try five or six nights a week. Ideally, after about a month and a half of gradually changing your feline’s surroundings, both you and your cat will have no problem spending your evenings together on the couch.

2. Purchase a variety of litter. An important preparation in making your cat a litter training cat involves keeping a wide variety of litter at hand, should you discover that your cat disapproves of a given type. Also, experiment with different locations for your cat’s litter box. Be prepared to clean up after your cat. Try to understand that they are learning how to use a designated toilet area, a drastic change from being able to pee and poop wherever they want to. Boy, if life were only that easy for all of us…

With enough patience and persistence, your cat will become a litter training cat!

Source by Nick Ocheltree

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