Two Witnesses in Jerusalem

Church of God minister Arlen Berkey, in « The Work of God in the Laodicean Era, » makes a statement nobody in God’s Church would disagree with: « The whole world will soon know about the two witnesses. They will not be welcome by this world. »

We are not responsible for how the world reacts to these two men (it does NOT say ministers), however, we should question whether the two witnesses will be welcome by God’s Church!

Does that sound preposterous? Presumptuous? Not if you’re well-versed in holy Scripture! It was often the religious who opposed the Prophets and it was the religious leaders who stirred up the people to cry out against Jesus: « Crucify Him! » There is nothing new under the sun.

The two witnesses will be sent by God in the spirit of Elijah. The chief spokesman between the two will hail from the royal house of David and fulfills the Elijah role and will shake up the earth by his God-given MESSAGE and MIRACLES! (Zechariah 12:8).

Herbert W. Armstrong, in the spirit of Elijah, laid the foundation for such a great Work, and restored precious truths to God’s CHURCH. Jesus Christ will restore God’s government to the entire Earth (Acts 3:21). The interlude finds the leader of the two witnesses, in the spirit of Elijah/HWA, restoring truth to the NATION of Israel (Malachi 4:4). There is no contradiction. This is based upon the Law and the Covenant and is testified to by the Prophets.

Some might initially resist God’s choice of men to fulfill the controversial roles of the two witnesses (Jeremiah 15:10). Even Moses’ met rejection by his own people God sent him to save (Acts 7:25, 35). Moses and Aaron met first with the elders of Israel before going before pharaoh (Exodus 4:29). God’s Church will know the identity of the two witnesses before the world sees them take the stand in Jerusalem.

God’s apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong, saw we must reach « the cities of Judah » and yet God didn’t permit him to do it. But God will give Judah His Message, last but not least! God has been raising up someone for this very purpose (Isaiah 41:27).

Herbert Armstrong also began to see that God’s Church has a divine commission to help physically prepare for Christ’s coming to Jerusalem: The Great Mideast Commission: Reaching the Cities of Judah. Read and believe it for yourself in Mr. Armstrong’s autobiography and wonder why you haven’t heard any of your ministers preaching about it or chomping at the bit to get it done.

Soon the the Two Witnesses will rise and shine in this world of darkness, and finish the Work that God has given us to do. Jesus Christ is returning in this generation! May we be found worthy to escape the nuclear blitzkrieg about to strike, and to stand before Christ when He returns to claim David’s Throne in Jerusalem!

Here’s some kosher food for thought:

Will an earthquake bring water to the deserts? Preparing the way for the Church of God to enter « Her Place? » (Isaiah 43:20).

Source by David Ben-Ariel

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