Understanding Smoking


My research on cigarettes began in 1998. I called Brown and Williamson and personally requested a list of ingredients. You know, it behooves me that people (smokers) could smoke a product that does not even list the ingredients on the package, but when you understand how many ingredients go into cigarettes, then it makes sense and becomes understandable why the ingredients are not on the box. There are over 700 ingredients in one single cigarette, including a new strain of genetically engineered tobacco with a nicotine level ten times higher in potency than normal nicotine; caffeine, sugar, salt, rum, alcohol, codeine, menthanol (rocket fuel), and uric acid (yes, they even use piss or pee).

Most smokers don’t know it, but the cigarette papers are dipped in opium (the true addictive agent of cigarettes). However, one ingredient among the other 700+ really stands out. This ingredient is « Civet Cat Absolute. » Now what in the hell is civet cat absolute? Well, as a researcher, I did the research and was shocked and amazed to find out that civet cat absolute is an umbrella term for a liquid that is obtained from the rectum of the civet cat. What is this ingredient used for? One reason is that it is a pheromone. Pheromone affects behavior in certain mammalian species. Why does pheromone have to be in cigarettes? Your guess is as good as mine.

Every time you put a cigarette into your mouth, symbolically you are placing a white male phallic symbol into your mouth. It’s a power thing. Yes, cigarettes represent the white male phallic (cigars represent the black man’s penis). Cigarettes were created in part by Sigmund Freud’s nephew in a campaign to make women feel liberated and powerful. Power is a male attribute.

In addition to the power thing, cigarettes also help women to lose weight by seriously impairing appetite. Why is Virginia Slims marketed only to women under the slogan, « It’s a woman thing »? Because subliminally, the initial message is: Virginia (a female name) is slim (skinny). The ultimate subliminal message (to women) is: Virginia Slims can help you stay slim by smoking this particular brand. You see, obesity, weight loss, being thin or slim is a female preoccupation in this country, hence the slogan, « It’s a woman’s thing. »

« He who smokes is a walking billboard advertising himself as fool to the world! »

For the sake of our environment and human health, especially our youth – stop being a weakling and an idiot who smokes.

The law of reciprocity is nowhere to be found in smoking cigarettes or anything else.

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Source by Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

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