Very Angry Cat Pees All Over the House – How to Help Both You and Your Cat

If you have a very angry cat who pees all over the house, then your best solution lies in working out why this has happened. It is only by understanding your cat that you can ever help her, and so you, through this.

Although your cat, and so the cause, is unique, the following ideas may help you to isolate the problem. By knowing a problem, it can be easy to fix.

Cats are not angry by nature. They are much more likely to be fearful than angry. So if you consider your cat is angry, then you have a larger than normal problem. And a cat who pees outside their normal litter tray is giving you enormous hints that all is not well.

All sorts of things can contribute to a problem for one cat which may not even be noticed by another. So start your problem solving by working out when your cat became angry.

What was happening in her life at the time? Some contributing factors may be:

  • a new medical drug
  • a vaccine
  • a move
  • a new family (grief for the old one?)
  • a new baby, pet, partner, house guest, neighbour
  • someone teasing the cat
  • a new food

And so on. The list can be extensive.

If you consider this problem started after administration of a veterinary drug or vaccine, then a visit to a good homeopath may be able to undo this damage.

If a change of circumstances caused the problem, then give your cat time to adapt. Generally, cats like routine and known quantities. They normally dislike change. Give them some breathing space and an abundance of TLC.

Teasing can be one of the most likely causes of an angry cat. So ensure this can’t be happening.

Grieving for a past family can take time to overcome. Again, give your cat space and an abundance of love.

It can be very useful talking to your cats, as if they are adult humans. Talk to them as your equal, rather than as your inferior. They understand you very clearly. It humans who are the problem, not understanding them. Talk to them, asking them to help you understand what it is they are trying to tell you. You may be surprised at the thoughts that appear in your mind. Act on them.

Once they know you are taking action, the peeing around the house is likely to stop.

By the way, a diluted white vinegar solution is the best way to remove urine odour.

Source by Madeleine Innocent

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