Ways to Toilet Train Your Cat

Some may suggest that toilet training a cat is impossible, but it’s not. It will take commitment and focus, but any cat can learn how to be toilet trained. There are many proven methods, but all of them require plenty of tolerance and concentration. The one thing that you must remember is that your cat will not learn to use the toilet in one day.

They are very intelligent creatures. They also all act on instincts. The toughest thing to do while training your cat is to make them break free of their instinct to cover their waste. That is your first goal when toilet training your cat. You can find a plethora of products online or on the market that will assist you with toilet training. There are also plenty of methods that do not require any funds. This is usually the most difficult method, but you will save money and have your cat toilet trained.

Some products that will help your cat become toilet tamed is an insert that will fit inside the toilet. This insert will have space for litter which will be used by your cat. Your cat will most likely get used to this and soon use it as a regular litter box. This is the key step to toilet training. They have to get used to the toilet seat while going to the bathroom. You will have to find a system that works at home for similar training. A shallow pail that rests under the toilet seat to assist your cat. Another great thing to do is leave the toilet water off, but this will only work if you are not using that bathroom.

Once that cat has been fully trained you will be able to turn the water back on. The next step should only begin when your cat have become fully comfortable with using the insert or a homemade trainer. This step requires you to add a hole to the device you are using. As the weeks and your cat progress, this hole should become larger. This will allow your cat to gradually get used to having less and less litter to use until they do not need any at all.

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