Why Does My Cat Urinate Everywhere?

Are you having trouble with your cat urinating in your house? There are many ways to clean up the mess, but not many people explain why your cat may be doing it in the first place. Cleaning up after your cat is important, but finding out why your cat is urinating in your home is more important.

Why does my cat urinate everywhere?

There are many reasons for your cats change of toilet habits, and it’s important to know how to deal with the situation in the correct way. I know many people who simply couldn’t cope with the smell and health risks associated with cat urine, and that is completely understandable. They have got rid of their cat, replaced their carpets and some pieces of furniture and that is their way of coping with the problem.

If this is not you, and you cannot bear to part with your beloved pet, then lets look at some way to stop your cat from urinating everywhere.

The first solution to look at is health problems. I have an elderly cat who contracted a urine infection, and this made him stop using his litter tray. The reason many cats do this, is because they associate the pain they feel when they pee, to the litter box and so they stop using them.

The second reason many cats pee in the house is down to change of scenery. If you have recently moved home, a cat may feel out-of-place. If this is a reason, place your cat in a room only with their litter tray to solve the situation. I had a similar problem, and the only way to stop him urinating everywhere was to do this.

One more reason your cat may not be peeing outside or in their cat litter tray is another cat invading their territory. My in-laws had this problem, and without even realising it. They had a neighbours cat entering through the cat flap at night, using the cat litter tray and then leaving. Their cat would not then use the litter box because of the other cats scent.

We have looked at a couple of reasons why your cat might be urinating everywhere, and not using their litter tray. If you think it is a health issue, then don’t waste anytime having a vet give them a health check. A simple dose of antibiotics can cure a urine infection within a week.

It is very important to get to the root of the problem, and not be constantly cleaning up cat urine stains and odors. I mentioned above about related health issues, and this can be anything from breathing problems to serious coughs in adults and children. A clean litter tray is essential, and daily cleaning will help get your cat back on the right track to becoming a clean pet once more.

Source by David Barratt Jackson

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