Why You Should Keep Your Cat Indoors and What It Will Need

Cats that are allowed to go outside are exposed to many dangers. They can be injured or killed by other cats, dogs and wild animals. Kids and even adults sometimes will shoot at them. They can get hit by vehicles. They can be exposed to ticks, fleas and diseases.

An Indoor cat has a better chance of having a longer life. If you get him/her spayed or neutered it will help cut down the desire to want to go outside. Getting him/her fixed as soon as possible and never letting it out as soon as you bring it home will help it to adjust to being indoors at all times.

They will need a litter box, it is recommended to have one per cat. Some come with covers, if they won’t use it, try taking the cover off, although most will use one with a cover. If it’s not clean sometimes they won’t use them. Make sure you scoop it out frequently and change the litter regularly. Do not keep the food and water dishes near the litter box.

Have a separate food and water dish. Make sure they have fresh water available at all times. Leftover canned food should not be left out too long.

Some items that can help keep your cat active and happy are:

Scratching posts, which should be in the rooms where the cat will be. If there is one in each room, it is more likely to use it when it wants to scratch. Teach the cat to use the scratching post and reward it with a treat whenever you see him/her using it. If it is scratching on your furniture there are covers you can buy to put on the corners of couches and chairs.

A cat tree or walkway for climbing. Cats love to climb. There are many sizes and styles. Measure the area where you will be placing it to make sure you buy one that will fit.

Cat house and/or bed. A house is enclosed and gives them a place to hideaway. Some cat trees come with a built-in house.

Cat toys. There are toys made so you can interact with your cat, such as a stick with feathers on the end. They are a fun way to spend time with your cat. You should never leave these accessible when you’re not around. There are many toys for your cat to play with on its own, such as balls with bells inside, play mice & much more. They love playing in paper bags and cardboard boxes. Put a toy mouse or ball in a cardboard tissue box and your cat can go hunting to get it out.

You can purchase catnip or cat grass at a pet store to grow for your cat to eat.

If you feel your cat needs some outdoor time you can purchase an enclosure made especially for them to go outside, never leave them unattended in the enclosure. They also make cat strollers that are enclosed so you can take your him/her for a walk.

Your cat can lead a healthier, happy life in the safety of being indoors.

Source by Valisa Rosenberg

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